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Did you read our Terms And Conditions for this game? Most sites have Terms And Conditions, and it's important for you to read them. The statement of Terms And Conditions tells what you can expect from the site, and also what the site can expect from you. You need to pay close attention to Terms And Conditions, because there are a lot of cheaters and liars out there who will put sneaky little clauses in their Terms. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've seen while investigating internet frauds! So...before you get started, please check out our Terms And Conditions at the bottom of this page.


Terms And Conditions

Users may freely use this site, but are not permitted to copy, reprint, or in any way disseminate puzzles or the solutions to those puzzles. Use of this site places no responsibility on the user toward the site or its owner; nor does use of this site place any reponsibility on the site or its owner toward the user, other than the offer of a prize to users who successfully completeall stages of the Treasure Hunt. No claims are made regarding the value of the prize offered.

In the event that you are able to traverse the mental gauntlet of this Treasure Hunt, and want to claim your prize, you must include the following code in all correspondence with The Problem Site: Please log in to get your game code!

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