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When school starts in the fall, we suddenly start seeing traffic spikes on all the games that teachers like to have their students play. This year we're seeing a new trend that we appreciate: teachers are sending their students to the Daily versions of games like Entrapment and Secret Word. The daily section lets students do a familiar game, but with a different game board each day, with the added bonus that they're getting the same game board as their classmates, so they can have the fun of competing with each other for the best time or score.

Let's highlight some of the most popular daily games schools are using with their students every day:



Entrapment requires students to rearrange their dots in such a way that each of the computer's dots is exactly half-way between two of the player's dots.

Secret Word

Secret Word requires students to guess the letters in a word, and also determine the correct position of each letter.


Operations Game

The Operations game is brand new on the site this year; it's a shortened version of our long-time favorite One to Ten. In this game, students must rearrange four numbers, combined with arithmetic operations, to create the target number.

Word Funnel

Word Funnel has also become a favorite on the daily page, probably because each game is guaranteed to be no longer than 60 seconds, so you know it's not going to take a lot of time out of the class to complete it! In this game, students must try to fill in missing letters to make words before the timer runs out.

And of course there are plenty more games to explore, both in the daily section of the site and elsewhere, so be sure to try them all until you find the ones that are just right for your students!

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