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A New Game - Word Snake

For some, school has already started, but this is Labor Day weekend, and many schools will begin classes tomorrow. So we have a gift for you, to start your school year out right.

A new game.

It's called "Word Snake," and it is somewhat similar to Cross Search. You are given a key word, and you have to find a word related to that word.

The catch is...the word doesn't have to be in a straight line. The letters will be connected horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  Find the word by clicking the letters.

In the sample shown, the key word was "school," and the hidden word was "book."

You can  try this game out here: Word Snake.

Incidentally, the clues and words are the same words which are used in Cross Search and Multi Word Scramble. This list was largely created by visitors to the site - probably five to ten years ago - and has not been edited since then. In the coming weeks we'll be tweaking this list and improving it.

Daily Puzzle Updates

Since the new site went live, we've had some issues with Daily Games getting "stuck" - either repeating the same puzzle over and over, or cycling through a very small subset of the available puzzles. We're going to be working on repairing that this week. What does this mean for you? Not much...except it's possible that some day (maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after) you'll get a different Daily depending on whether you visit before or after our updates! This is only going to matter to people who like to share their results with friends - there will be a day this week that your friends and you may not all be doing the same daily!

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