Go Pro!

Merry Christmas! The Problem Site has two quick pieces of information to share with you this morning.

  1. Finally, our paper-craft ornaments are here! You can find cubes, dodecahdrons, icosahedrons and crosses, as well as tutorials for designing and executing your own craft ideas.
  2. Sometime in the next couple weeks we anticipate a short down-time for the site. This will probably be no more than a half an hour, but could take longer, as we transfer the site to a more powerful server. We've planned this down-time for Christmas vacation, as it is the lowest-traffic time of the year. In addition, we'll attempt to make the change-over happen early in the morning, eastern time. This will result in the least interruption for the majority of our users.

May you have a blessed holiday season, and a wonderful new year!

PS - if you're wondering about relative difficulty of the ornament projects, the cube is the easiest, and the dodecahedron is the hardest!

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