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Two people go to the same store and make the same purchases, but one of them is treated unfairly in the pricing
A hypothetical problem in which the treasury introduces a new coin into circulation
A currency word problem involving imaginary coins called binks and bonks
Currency in the land of Poodles - calculate the value
Find the value of a gizma, a gizmi, and a gizmu in this silly problem about the land of Gizmo
Calculate the cost of a glass of lemonade at the lemonade stand, given profit and expense information
Joni goes shopping and buys both baseball bats and baseballs. Then Edgar does the same
Determine how many coins of each type Toby has, based on the value and the number of coins

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A Dollar Seventy-Five, A Shopping Spree, Bats and Balls, Binks and Bonks, Collection of Coins, Doodles, Shmoodles, Zoodles, and Woodles, Gizmo Currency, Lemonade Stand, Taxing Situation, The Murple, With Justice for All

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