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The Problem Site has been 12 years in the making.  Twelve years of gradual building, one block upon another.  Sometimes with careful intent, but sometimes haphazardly.  The result is a conglomeration of math problems, games, puzzles, riddles, resources, and quizzes that have baffled and delighted students and adults for years.

In the past few years we've been growing numerically.  The number of visitors who visit The Problem Site each day is getting larger and larger all the time. 

We're outgrowing our twelve-year old technology! :(

We recently acquired a more sophisticated server to host the site, but along with the more powerful server, it's time to leave behind the technology we started with all those years ago.  What does that mean?

It means starting from scratch.  Every page, every game, built from the ground up all over again.  It took 12 years to get the site to this point - how long do you suppose it'll take to finish rebuilding?

Hopefully not nearly as long!

As we rebuild games and resources, we'll post information about them here, so you'll know which games are available to try out.

We're starting off with these five games: Secret Word, Picture Word, Trio Match, Last Candle, and Matchstick Shuffle.  All five are available to play, but are subject to change as we continue improvements!

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